Friends since meeting on an Australian photo shoot, former models Whitney Brown and Paloma Jonas conceived Valentine after recognizing a gap in the market for cool, comfortable, and affordable lingerie – especially for women with smaller busts. Armed with years of knowledge acquired while working for some of the top brands in the fashion industry, they set out to design what every woman needed but didn’t necessarily have.

Their goal was simple: make bras and panties with the perfect fit and the perfect lace, and let the rest speak for itself.

More than just a lingerie line, Valentine is a lifestyle brand. From the outset, the girls developed the Valentine blog, showcasing some of New York, Los Angeles, and Europe’s more adorable couples, sexiest girls, and cutest guys. It is the blog that really captures the spirit of the Valentine woman: bold, independent, free-spirited, and unique.

Whitney and Paloma currently work together from their respective sides of the country, with Whitney in New York and Paloma in Los Angeles, designing for the Valentine woman, no matter where she lives.